Healthy food

The main requirement for a healthy diet and our prime concern is quality. Read more about this in our mission statement.

A healthy diet also requires know-how to ensure that your pet receives all the nutrients it needs for a healthy growth and a life full of activity. The food has to contain an optimal mix of proteins, natural fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and micronutrients.

Our meals provide all of this. They contain everything your little darling needs to lead a healthy, happy and active life and they save you time for preparing food and the tedious task of bringing home your shopping.

Can you tell if your pet gets the right kind of food? Here are some effects of a healthy diet:

  • A shiny coat and only very little dandruff
  • If your dog or cat gets the right amount of food, they will keep a constant weight.
  • Your dog should have an average-sized bowel movement of firm consistency one to three times a day.
  • If your pet is lively and active, according to its nature, you can safely assume that it enjoys its food and feels well.
  • Good-quality food has a calming effect. Pets suffering from behavioural problems often suffer from itching or discomfort resulting from the wrong type of food.
In the production of our meals we at Anifit pay special attention to freshness and quality. Our meals contain:

  • a high percentage of fresh meat (90 - 95%), supplemented with vegetables and other natural products.
  • only natural raw ingredients.
  • only meat which is fit for human consumption.
  • no preservatives.
  • no bulking agents or attractants.
  • no added fat.
  • no meat-and-bone meal.
  • no soya.
  • no maize.
  • no vegetable or cereal flours.
  • only gluten-free ingredients.

Our meals are gently prepared using the cold filling method. They are preserved only by gentle heat treatment without the use of preservatives.

Our meals are, of course, made without animal testing. They are free from BSE and foot and mouth disease. Our products are made in Sweden, a country where animal welfare is of high priority and which is extremely rarely affected by animal diseases on a European scale. The quality of animal husbandry and animal processing is excellent and presents an essential factor in ensuring the quality of Anifit products.

Anifit meals contain 100% of your pet’s nutritional requirements and are approved complete diets.

Premium quality is our priority to ensure that you can provide your darling with tasty and healthy food:

  • Best-possible freshness and quality of our ingredients
  • 100% pure meat of human food grade
  • Strict ban on animal meals, vegetable flours, preservatives, colourants, flavour enhancers, flavours, sugar or any other harmful chemical substances

We do not only promise high quality but it is also subject to strict controls: Anifit is certified under IFS (International Food Standard)1)  ISO 22000 (Management of food safety)2), ISO 9001 (Quality management) and organic regulations and is inspected by auditors of TÜV and BCS ÖKÖ Garantie GmbH (DE-ÖKO-001).

ANIDIT – Premium quality for your pet!

1) Production Bayaria
2) Production Sweden

Freeze-Drying (also called lyophilisation) ist already used since many years in food production and pharmaceutical production. Coffee powder, packet soups and medicine with sensitive enzymes are produced with this gentle method. Anifit uses freeze-drying also for producing tasty pet food.

The advantages of freeze drying are impressive:

  • Color, smell, taste and nutrients remain in the product.
  • The product shows no hardening of the surface, the pores remain open.
  • Freeze dried products can quickly rehydrate, meaing they can absorb water.
  • Freeze dried products are light and can be transported easily.
  • Due to the extracted water, the products are very durable.
  • The process of freeze drying needs no addition of additives.
  • The products can be consumed as dry product but also in a rehydrated form.

With the production methof of freeze drying we created snacks with a extremly high palatability, raw meat foodbland diets and develloped toppings (spices) to improve the pet's meals.

Dr. Thomas Brandner
Geschäftsführer und Eigentümer

Anifit products provide our pets with the food they were used to in their original environments. Natural food which they still require today. Anifit recipes are as close to the original prey of dogs and cats as possible and contain all the nutrients and minerals your pet needs.

The mixture of meat, vegetables and some other ingredients including potatoes, have been adapted to the meet the current needs of our pets. Hence, the use of 100% natural ingredients and a high 90- 95% fresh meat content in Anifit products.  

Our success proves us right! Many pets have shown new vitality, an improved metabolic function and increased energy levels, usually two to three weeks after their diet was switched to Anifit.

Animals which are fed a healthy diet have a significantly higher quality of life and a significantly higher life expectancy.

To ensure that you are fully supported and content with your pets nutritional choices, our products are only sold through trained Anifit consultants. Our consultants are happy to assist and advise you at any time. As a customer, you can enjoy the benefits of having a personal contact!

Dr. Thomas Brandner